WHAT IS... Progressive Society

(...)"Europe has already started to enter a new phase of great transformation, comparable to the time of the industrial revolution, and of the post-war emergence of the welfare state. Several profound, conflicting as well as reinforcing, dynamics of change are at work which together contribute to spread a sense of unpredictability, of instability and of insecurity amongst many people - as well as of the unreliability of the remaining acquis. Such phases provide the perfect breeding ground for nationalistic, extremist and populist parties, as history has shown. They confront progressive parties and our political generations with a huge and unprecedented, challenge."(...)

Udo Bullmann, Kathleen Van Brempt, Isabelle Thomas, S&D Group President and Vice Presidents in charge of Economic, Social, Environmental, Industrial, Financial and Regional Cohesion issues.

The S&D Group in the European Parliament is undertaking a major reflection on Europe’s development. Rising inequalities, unlimited exploitation of natural resources, systemic crises are all interrelated consequences of neoliberalism, deregulated markets and of an unsustainable model of development.

Whilst being proud of our record of parliamentary achievements for more solidarity, more democracy together with more social/economic justice and respect for the environment in Europe, we believe that the UN Agenda 2030, signed by our 28 Member States and by the Commission, if taken extremely serious, could represent an extraordinary opportunity and a coherent framework to reverse current trends and move towards a new model of development for Europe, securing peace progress and prosperity for all.

Fighting for a truly Progressive European Society, with equitable and sustainable wellbeing for all at its core, will be a major goal in this respect.