Building Alliances towards a new model of development in Europe

Building Alliances towards a new model of development in Europe

Our Group  is undertaking a major reflection on Europe's development, promoting a progressive society based on solidarity, an alternative model of development, and fair and sustainable wellbeing for all.

In order to join forces with the European civil society, trade unions, public authorities at all levels, we will invite representatives of those organisation/Union/Institution to participate to an event on Thursday 8 march 2018 in the European Parliament. At this occasion, we would like to discuss, in an innovative and bottom-up approach, issues such as an equitable society, an ecological transformation as a social and economic lever,  an economic alternative beyond the GDP-oriented paradigm, and how to finance the transformation.

More details are attached – see E-card, invitation and detailed programme.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event,

The Progressive Society team


Progressive Society launching event. Jeffrey Sachs shared a strong and positive message



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Ecological Transformation as a Social Lever
Transforming Governance
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