Want to know how to make sustainable development into a big win for all?

Then check out Progressive Society’s interactive map of best practices, which turn ecological transformation into a social lever

Progressive Society has developed a concept for a platform that promotes exchanges of best practices on projects that contribute to a more socially and ecologically sustainable Europe. For us, the ecological and social dimensions are a double-powered engine for change.

The platform for the exchange of best practices from local, regional and national levels can be both public and private. Progressive Society seeks to both understand and show how bottom-up initiatives are changing the system by leading towards a socio-ecological transformation. Thereby we can identify how public policies at all levels (regulations, policy initiatives, financing) should best support this change.

Find our interactive map for best practices right here: Best practices for an ecological transformation as a social lever

New powerful sources for social progress

The horizon for Europe is clear. We need to undergo an ecological transformation at all levels of society to accomplish sustainability. It is a core guiding principle of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework that 'no one should be left behind'. In fact, the ecological transformation across a whole range of areas could unleash new sources of social progress if properly framed, supported and regulated. That goes across many areas including energy, transport, industry, agriculture, health, consumption or resilient cities.

How to use our INTERACTIVE MAP of best practices

Our interactive map is full of projects contributing to a more socially and ecologically sustainable Europe. When you go to the map, you can find projects both by countries and topics. Each project contains a short description, a quote from the relevant MEP and a link to further information. The map pre-figures a future sustainable Europe and in order to get there, we need to understand how such initiatives can be fostered through policy action.

The interactive map is now online and it will grow! Want to be part of it?

To further develop our interactive map, we also need your help. Perhaps you know of a relevant project in your city, region or country that contributes to a sustainable Europe on a smaller or larger scale. If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We welcome everyone to contribute with suggestions for new projects and invite you to be inspired from the current ones.

Kind regards,

Progressive Society Team

Contact for best practice projects: Michael Hunnicke Jensen,+32 22840755