Progressive Society’s call for projects on Ecological Transformation as a Social Lever

Progressive Society’s call for projects on Ecological Transformation as a Social Lever

Progressive Society aims to serve as a platform of exchange for all those who want to contribute to a more socially and ecologically sustainable Europe. In order to become this kind of platform for transformative practices and create a well-functioning network, we need you, our citizens and stakeholders! 

Together with you, Progressive Society wants to collect the best practices of ecologically transformative projects from all across Europe. If you know a remarkable project (from your city/municipality/region or elsewhere), contact us and let us know, why this project is outstanding and progressive. 

We are looking for innovative initiatives in the following five areas: 

1) Energy efficiency and fighting energy poverty 

2) Socially fair transition of energy production in coal dependant regions 

3) Innovative mobility and transport solutions to ensure a cleaner air in urban and rural areas 

4) Circular economy as a tool for job creation and change in production and consumption patterns

5) Pesticide-free and sustainable agriculture

Whether the project is public or private, introduced on the national, regional, municipal or local level - Progressive Society is interested in what you have to offer! We want to raise awareness of these projects and work together with you to find ways to implement them on a larger scale. 

We have also asked the Heads of Delegations and Coordinators in the S&D-Group to share with us the best transformative practices in these fields and we hope to collect a handsome number of examples by May 15. Progressive Society will then go on and publish the best practices from all around Europe in an interactive map on this website.

You can submit your proposals here or get in touch with us on Facebook!

Thank you for joining us in the fight for a more sustainable and progressive Europe!

Ecological Transformation as a Social Lever