Aarhus Sustainabilty Model

As the first city, region and capital of culture, Aarhus created a model for sustainable development in the culture sector. Aarhus Sustainability Model (ASM) is a tool, guide and inspiration to anyone working with arts and culture.

A couple of the cases here:

The Swapping market is a simple concept: Give what you have and take what you need. The Swapping Market avoid face-to-face swapping by setting up the venue so everyone hands over their items to volunteers who distribute them around the market area.

The Coal Bridge is an example of a project that uses abandoned urban architecture and turns it into an attractive spot in the city. As the name indicates The Coal Bridge project uses an old coal bridge - for many years a shady part of the town, no longer involved in the city life. The project's vision is therefore to bring the bridge and its neighbourhood to life and to create a new, iconic landmark in the city.

Samsø Energy Academy works in close cooperation with the local community and Samsø Municipality to make a sustainable transition for the island Samsø. The Energy Academy strongly believes that the island's transition must be done with support and cooperation of the island’s residents so that they develop a sense of ownership. 

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