Banca Etica

“Microcredit and microfinance are incredible development tools that can produce relevant impacts at the social and economic level: It can favour a socially inclusive development.”

- Silvia Costa, S&D MEP, Member on the CULT Committee

The idea behind Banca Etica is to create a place where savers, motivated by the common desire of a more transparent and responsible management of financial resources, meet socio-economic initiatives, inspired by the values of a sustainable social and human development. Banca Etica aims to offer development and support for microfinance in Africa, particularly in the Sub-Saharan region. It also aims to promote new forms of economic empowerment, self-employment and to support the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises with the help of international microfinance networks, which are also our strategic partners. The project has been granted a bond loan dedicated to microcredit in Africa of 15 million Euro. The objective is that to reach out local communities dealing with microcredit in order to favor a social inclusive development, with a sustainable approach for the environment which is going to help pooling resources towards realities that are willing to embrace these criteria. 

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