Coopso Energy-Buying

“Coopso is a clever example of how to combine solidarity and environmental responsibility. It shows that when you work together, everybody and the planet can profit equally.” 

- Marc Tarabella, S&D MEP, Head of the Belgian Delegation 

Coopso is an energy-buying cooperative set up by the Parti Socialiste (PS). Their aim is to offer affordable and 100% clean energy to households in Brussels and Wallonia. The idea of collective energy-buying is simple: the more people sign up, the cheaper the energy prices. Here is how Coopso’s plan works: In September and October, households can sign up and order green energy for the upcoming year. In November, Coopso returns an offer to those who signed up. They can now decide whether or not to accept it. Signing up is free, even if you decline the offer. Those who accepted it will receive an energy contract for one year and receive guaranteed 100% clean energy.  So far, Coopso has organised this in 2016 and 2017. In 2016, Coopso had more than 2,800 households buying green energy together and saving more the 469,000 Euro all together.

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