Dampoort KnapT OP!

“This is a truly innovative project. Not only were these people helped out of their worrisome situation, many of them also experienced a mental boost. They felt that they were contributing, not only improving their homes, but also the entire neighbourhood a nicer place to live.”

- Kathleen van Brempt, S&D MEP and Vice President

Dampoort knapT OP! is an innovative project that focusses on "necessity buyers" who are people that out of necessity bought a house which is in a very poor state. The project tried and succeeded to help 10 families in a specifically defined area in the city of Gent, out of this situation and helped these vulnerable families to transform their houses into a healthier, safer, comfortable and more energy efficient home. This was done via a multi-layered approach combing social, technical and financial guidance and support, which was as much unique as it was necessary for the project to succeed. 

Innovative initiative area
Energy efficiency and fighting energy poverty