Ecovillage - Helsinki Fashion week 2017

Helsinki Fashion Week is the world’s first Fashion Week aiming to be 100% sustainable and is taking a ground-breaking stance by putting the circular economy front and center. Thr event restrf on the twin pillars of the circular economy and sustainability. 30 brands, who are all integrating environmental and social sustainability at their core with garments crafted from recycled materials or natural and reusable fabrics, will be brought together in a celebration of all things circular. Pick of the bunch is The New Normal project, a closed loop fashion collection produced in collaboration with WFF and the Infinited  Fibre Company.

Since an estimated 80% of a product’s environmental and economic impact is determined at the design stage, empowering designers to make the right decisions, and rewarding those who are already are, will undoubtedly accelerate the industry’s transition to a sustainable and circular economy.

It was supported by The EcoVillage infrastructure, utilizing green technologies and renewable energy sources to provide for a  ‘zero waste’ event. By showcasing the latest developments and innovation in technology, electronic transportation, mobility and robotics, the village will offer unique experiences by questioning the nature of being, existence, and reality in the evolving world and the fashion industry.

Innovative initiative area
Circular economy as a tool for job creation and change in production and consumption patterns