“Giftfri förskola” [Non-toxic preschool]

This project is part of the implementation of the Swedish National Action Plan for a non-toxic environment. As such, it focusses primarily on the protection of toddlers and young children against chemicals that may be harmful for their health. Civil society and the authorities are working together to improve the situation, using available and innovative means as awareness-raising campaigns, education and public procurement to minimise the exposure to harmful substances in preschools. 

As a means to strengthen the efforts made at Municipal level, the Chemicals Agency - which bears the primary responsibility for the execution of the National Action Plan for a non-toxic environment - has set up a network through which Municipalities across the country can exchange information and best practices.

Since the beginning of the project, some 70% of all communal preschools are actively working with measures to minimise harmful chemicals in the children’s environment.

Innovative initiative area
Circular economy as a tool for job creation and change in production and consumption patterns