Greening events

The Greening Events & Eco Compass project has created an operating model for voluntary environmental work between cities and events. Greening Events was a two-year (2012–2014) joint project between the neighbouring cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. The objective was to develop concrete ways of implementing environmental management at events in the metropolitan area. The project established a model that supports voluntary environmental work between cities and events and offered specially tailored environmental training and advice. The project was coordinated by the City of Helsinki Environment Centre. As part of the project, the EcoCompass environmental management system for events was piloted at approximately 22 events in the metropolitan area.

Greening Events also published the NEAT EVENT! environmental guide for event organizers, which offers practical tips for choosing a venue and optimising transportation and logistics, procurements and energy consumption.

Innovative initiative area
Circular economy as a tool for job creation and change in production and consumption patterns