Himmerland Boligforening

"Himmerland Boligforening shows the way to a truly sustainable development, where social balance and environmental and economic benefits goes hand in hand with competitive rents and reduction in energy consumption"

- Ole Christensen, S&D MEP, Member on the EMPL Committee 

Himmerland Housing Association (HHA) wants to provide a clear contribution to the green transition of Danish society and have therefore adopted a sustainable policy based on four principles: By 2030 to have reduced heat consumption and building related electricity in the building stocks by 30 percent. All renovations and operational changes should have both environmental, social and economic benefits. Make sure investments in energy improvements are aligned with what is being decided at local and national level in the energy sector. To establish partnerships with municipal, utilities and knowledge institutions, thereby helping to establish the best possible decision basis for sustainability. When it comes to social sustainability, it is the vision to create quality of life and room for everyone by offering housing with a competitive rents that promotes residents' safety, health, commitment, unity and diversity. 

With regard to environmental sustainability, HHA wants to take the lead in the sustainable transformation of the building environment. Among other things, HHA will help to create greater biodiversity, landscape quality and experience values in settlements outdoor areas - and homes should be independent of fossil fuels and CO 2 neutral by 2050. 

As concrete examples, HHA has introduced electric cars to the residents of the departments in Sundparken in eastern Aalborg. In a number of the departments, they have set up solar panels, which help to meet local electricity needs. A number of homes in the departments at Blåkildevej have gained valuable knowledge about the use of waste Shredders in the kitchen. This is a true win-win situation to have the waste into the sewer instead of the garbage bag, which means less household waste and a lower costs. 

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Energy efficiency and fighting energy poverty