ISDE Italia

ISDE (International Society of Doctors for Environment) is a network of sentinel doctors. The Italian  project of sentinel doctors for the environment is characterized by the fact that it focuses on all the diseases derived from environmental factors. This network is identifying and monitoring risk factors related to people’s lifestyle, local environmental situation and housing condition, making risk assessments and comparing it to historical data. Sentinel doctors can detect in advance anomalies how environmental change can impact the human health. In addition, they can detect synergic effects of diseases caused by pollution. In Italy, the project has trained 190 sentinel doctors nationwide, with 95 of them actively practicing. It is supported by the voluntary participation of doctors and their training is funded by the Italian Ministry of Health. Finally, the ISDE is participating in a 2018 Call for proposals for LIFE Action Grants, notably to the subprogram on environmental governance and information in environmental issues, in partnership with 4 NGOs and 4 Member States. The proposed project aims to the realization of a European network of sentinel doctors for the environment to create an international database to show the correlation between environmental factors and human diseases.

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