Malta Energy and Water Agency (EWA)

“The EWA’s replacement scheme for household appliances is lowering the energy bills of those who need it most. It’s an uplifting project as part of a greater plan to make Malta more energy efficient.”

- Miriam Dalli, S&D MEP, Coordinator on the ENVI Committee

The Malta Energy and Water Agency (EWA) is a government agency that has implemented a budget measure to improve energy efficiency on the island nation. The measure called “Replacement of Appliances for Vulnerable People” is amongst other programs part of the Labour government’s National Energy Efficiency Action Plan until 2020. After conducting more than 1000 house visits nationwide in 2016, the EWA came to the conclusion that the most vulnerable in the Maltese society would profit most of the replacement plan, since their homes are still mostly equipped with outdated and inefficient appliances. Consequently, machines such as freezers, washing machines or air conditioning units have been replaced in hundreds of these households. This project will not only improve the living standard of the most vulnerable by lowering their energy bill, it is also expected to reduce 20 tons of CO2-emissions per year through energy savings.

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Energy efficiency and fighting energy poverty