Progressive Malmö

Malmö and its surrounding region continue to proactively combat climate change through innovative and forward-thinking sustainability initiatives:

Västra Hamnen (‘Western Harbour’) is a mix of modern architecture and ecological sustainability, and is often cited as Europe’s first carbon-neutral neighbourhood. This former shipyard has implemented a smart heating and cooling system which runs entirely on renewable energy. The district also has an innovative waste management system using vacuum suction to transport household waste into a central tank underground. This way, dustcarts don’t have to drive through residential areas. The food waste is then collected and converted into biogas to fuel public transportation.

Augustenborg is one of the largest investments in Europe in the ecological conversion of an existing residential area. In 2010, it was awarded the United Nations (UN) World Habitat Award for its 10,000 green roofs which slow down flooding by absorbing rainwater. The district has also implemented a large solar energy project where photovoltaic solar panels have been installed on both public and private buildings to harness energy. Also, over 70 per cent of waste collected is recycled in Augustenborg.

The district of Hyllie is developed as the Öresund Region’s climate-smartest district. The goal is to have this emerging neighbourhood 100 per cent fuelled by renewable and recycled energy by 2020. Among other things, Hyllie is developing a sustainable energy system that will integrate electricity, heating and cooling – while building a smart consumption monitoring solution where residents will be able to track and measure their environmental impact.

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