RCERO - Ljubljana Regional Waste Management Centre

“The RCERO plant is an impressive example of how EU Cohesion Funding can trigger a more sustainable and circular economic approach. It will strongly benefit Slovenia in the long-term.” 

- Constanze Krehl, S&D MEP, Coordinator on the REGI Committee

RCERO is a flagship recycling plant in Ljubljana supported with 77.5m Euros by the EU Cohesion Fund (covering half of the plant’s total cost). It is the biggest environmental project in Slovenia and processes the waste from more than 700,000 people, a third of Slovenia’s population. The RCERO plant was completed in 2015 and comprises three waste treatment facilities. The plant’s statistics a very impressive: it processes 150,000 tons of mixed municipal waste and 20,000 tons of biodegradable waste annually. From this waste, it produces 30,000 tons of raw, recyclable materials, 60,000 tons of fuel, and 7,000 tons of compost. RCERO is part of a whole chain of waste management, stretching from collection, through green area maintenance to recycling. Slovenia has much higher levels of recycling of household waste than the EU average and much lower levels of disposal in landfill. Ljubljana has set a number of “zero waste goals” for 2025 and is committed to developing a circular economy.

Innovative initiative area
Circular economy as a tool for job creation and change in production and consumption patterns