Recycled Park

Recycled Park is the proposal to retrieve plastic waste from the river the New Meuse just before it reaches the North Sea. The plastics are recycled to give new value to the river. From the plastics we construct floating platforms  for a new green environment; a floating park. The plastic is given a new value as floating capacity for green environments. Floating parks are a plus for the city of Rotterdam, but will also fulfil an ecological role in the river water. The floating characteristic will allow (part of) the park to relocate to suit festivals or new urban development.

The proposal is an initiative of WHIM architecture and the Recycled Island Foundation in collaboration with the Rotterdam municipality, and HEBO Maritiemservice. The Rotterdam municipality has the desire to realize more green areas. Floating green can take an important role in this as a floating park or green shore. The plastics in the New Meuse are relatively fresh and have therefore a good recycling potential. With the platforms Rotterdam will prevent the plastics entering the North Sea through the New Meuse.

Innovative initiative area
Circular economy as a tool for job creation and change in production and consumption patterns