Sustainable and smart city Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a sustainable and smart city. With a fully integrated approach to city energy flows, Gothenburg is rapidly progressing towards a low carbon economy.

A cross cutting collaboration between the city, the industry and the academia generates a successful arena for development of sustainable innovations in energy, mobility and information and communication technologies. This collaboration creates an inclusive and sustainable city that is highly attractive to citizens and businesses.

As an example ElectriCity is a collaborative project and is a co-operation between the City of Gothenburg, the Volvo Group, Region Västra Götaland and others for sustainable public transport. The project involves a brand new bus route which started in 2015, serviced by electric buses that glide along noiselessly and pick up and drop off passengers indoors.Three of the 15 buses will be completely electric-powered, the others will be around 80% electrically run.

Innovative initiative area
Innovative mobility and transport solutions to ensure a cleaner air in urban and rural areas