Sustainable Mobility Plan in Leipzig East

“This plan shows that Leipzig is a city that is moving forward, working closely together with the European Union. The more efficient traffic solutions and the cleaner air will further improve the quality of life in the city. I am very proud to represent Leipzig in the European Parliament.”

- Constanze Krehl, S&D MEP representing Leipzig and Saxony

The Sustainable Mobility Plan in Leipzig East connects environmentally friendly forms of transport more effectively. It increases non-motorised traffic and improves the functionality of the public transport system. New measures include car-sharing schemes, more charging stations for electrical cars and affordable bicycle rentals. CO2-emissions and noise levels will be reduced significantly, while the air quality will improve. After thorough analysis, it has been tailored according to the transport needs of commuters, especially students and elderly people in Leipzig’s eastern part. The Sustainable Mobility Plan is financially supported by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD) and is a great example of financial and strategic cooperation between the European and local level.

Innovative initiative area
Innovative mobility and transport solutions to ensure a cleaner air in urban and rural areas