Telefono Rosa

“A true social project of dedicated hotlines that is made to help all women who suffer physical, psychological, economic, sexual violence, mobbing and stalking. It is an important project in preventing violence, but also in promotion of culture, understanding, respect and empowerment of women."

 - Silvia Costa, S&D MEP, Member on the CULT Committee

The project “Telefono Rosa” aims at taking action to promote social inclusion and integration into the working life for women who suffered domestic violence by offering a training course. All the women that will take part into the project are going to be victims of violence who have already been treated by the anti-violence regional network or all those victims, which have already been through the initial emergency phase and are thus already recovering or reconstructing their personal, economic and work autonomy. The project is helping women both Italian and foreign (in possession of a regular residence permit), employed or unemployed and, of course, women that are resident in the Region of Lazio. The course lasts 10 months and is divided into individual and group work, laboratory on green work and family care.  Among the expected results are gaining at least 40% of women participating in the project to actually enter into the job market or engage in either traineeships or entrepreneurship activities. 

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