Żibel eNGO

Żibel eNGO

“Żibel’s activists are role models for all of us. They truly care about the community and take matters into their own hands to keep our public spaces beautiful.”

- Miriam Dalli, S&D MEP, Coordinator on the ENVI Committee

Żibel is an environmental NGO organising numerous clean-ups all around Malta. Their ultimate goal is to empower people to take the imitative to clean up their own communities. Żibel wants to teach people how to take ownership of their environment. People in Malta can request clean-ups in certain places and Żibel will mobilise a crew of volunteers from Żibel itself and the respective community. The demand is growing more and more and the NGO even hopes to be able to filter the beach for micro-plastics, as well as the usual larger pieces of rubbish and general waste. So far, the organisation has been able to collect the impressive amount of more than 20 tons of waste across Malta. Żibel’s next steps are to recruit more activists, raise awareness (for example in schools) and seek more support from authorities to have cleaner and even more beautiful island.

Innovative initiative area
Circular economy as a tool for job creation and change in production and consumption patterns