Best practices for an ecological transformation as a social lever

Welcome to our interactive map with projects contributing to a more socially and ecologically sustainable Europe. The map aims to serve as a platform of exchange of best practices from local, regional and national level. The projects can be both public, private and introduced on the national, regional, municipal or local level. We welcome everyone to contribute with suggestions for new projects to include and invite you to be inspired from the current ones. 

“Torres Vedras Mobility Strategy is just the beginning. A sustainable mobility plan is currently being developed, which will identify more ambitious measures showing that the city sees the achievement of sustainability mobility as part of an ongoing process.” 
Torres Vedras
“They give people a chance to develop, learn new skills and enter the labour market. At the same time, they reduce waste and sell great products. That’s why Omrin Estafette portrays social and environmental progress!” 
“This project is fully aligned with the sustainable development objectives set out in the regional framework aimed at the sustainable management of natural resources and the application of technologies for the quality of life.” 
“The Integrated Urban Transport of Burgas Project is truly innovative and ambitious at the same time. The project will, for instance, increase the number of bus journeys by 8.1 million passengers per year.”
“With a smart city like Águeda, the aim is to create a place where information technology is combined with infrastructure, architecture, everyday objects, and even our bodies to address social, economic, and environmental problems.”