Ecological transformation with no one left behind

Why is this battle important? 

The horizon for Europe is clear. We need to undergo an ecological transformation at all levels of society to accomplish environmental sustainability. It is a core guiding principle of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework that 'no one should be left behind'. In fact, the ecological transformation across a whole range of areas could unleash new sources of social progress if properly framed, supported and regulated. The Progressive Society will seek to identify those sources throughout the transformational processes, and to understand how they can be fostered through policy action.  

New powerful sources for social progress. 

The ecological and social dimensions are not just seen as a trade-off, or as compensation, but more so as a double-powered engine. The current and future transformations required to achieve sustainable forms of production and consumption, and to successfully fight climate change, will therefore not only take full account of social risks to mitigate them, but should also be shaped in such ways as to provide new powerful sources for social progress. That goes across a whole range of areas including energy, transport, industry, agriculture, health, consumption and resilient cities.

Platform for exchanges of best practices. 

The Progressive Society wants to develop a concept for a platform that promotes exchanges of best practices in the above-mentioned areas. This would include acquiring in-depth knowledge on local and regional best practices, in order to see how these practices can be fostered at national and European governance levels. For this, we need a broad alliance of trade unions, employers, farmers, NGOs, mayors and citizens who can be the fundamentalists for exchanges of best practices, be able to identify innovative European policy approaches in these fields and, when needed, be an inspiration for changing the regulatory and investment framework.

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