Equitable society

Inequalities - not only between countries but also within them - have increased significantly in Europe over the last decades. The 2008 global financial crisis and the harsh austerity measures imposed by conservatives and neoliberals led to an even exponentially wider rise of inequalities in our continent.

Inequalities take many forms and touch almost every facet of the everyday life of EU citizens; ranging from inequalities in income and wealth, to social inequalities and inequalities of opportunities in health, education and labour. Gender inequalities, territorial inequalities and barriers to political participation are additional forms of inequality. 

Increased inequalities are leading to a society enriching the few at the expense of the many. They harm European societies in many respects, not least in terms of economic growth. They have hampered social cohesion, resulting in lost opportunities for millions of EU citizens, and especially in worsening conditions for young people, who have lost hope and vision for their future. In particular, uncertainty and fears of social decline and exclusion have led to a distrust in democracy, a rise in populism, protectionism and social unrest.

All these inequalities go against our values of social justice, equitable and sustainable development, individual freedom and collective empowerment. They undermine the social and democratic fabric of our societies, and risk compromising the future of our citizens. 

It is time to act now! 

The EU must take rapid and decisive action to combat the rising levels of inequality in Europe! 

This is why we, the Progressive Society, have decided to commit our work to the fight against increased inequalities and their consequences for EU citizens. 

To this end, we aim to raise wider-reaching awareness of economic and social inequalities and of their root causes across Europe, as well as the importance of reversing them. At the same time, we are also pushing for policies towards a society of shared prosperity, opportunity and dignity, living within our global boundaries. 

In order to fulfil this mission, we have established an Independent Commission for Sustainable Equality

We are fighting for a truly progressive European society, with equitable and sustainable well-being for all at its core.

To achieve this we need your contribution. Sign up here to join us in this fight and let's work for #Europe Together!


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