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A circular approach

A circular approach


Equitable society

The level of inequality in Europe has crossed a critical threshold. Progressive Society aims at combatting inequality in all its forms - especially in social, economic, environmental and territorial terms. It is high time to act now!

Ecological Transformation as a Social Lever

Our planet is full of opportunities. But we have to preserve it to create equal living conditions for everyone and use the necessary transformations to unleash new social progress. Together, with you, the Progressive Society will compile the best, most sustainable practices from all across Europe and work out how to implement these innovative ideas on a larger scale.

Find our best practice examples on an ecological transformation as a social lever here

Transforming Governance

To truly transform our society, we need to rethink how we measure human well-being. This is why the Progressive Society wants to go beyond measuring it only in GDP. Let's change what we measure in order to change what we do!

Sustainable Financing for Transformation

To turn things around, Europe desperately needs more investment. The goal of the Progressive Society is to define what is financially needed to achieve equitable well-being for all.  Join in and define with us the most sustainable financial ways (both public and private) to ensure a lasting change on our continent!

Independent Commission for Sustainable Equality (ICSE)

Progressive Society's Independent Commission for Sustainable Equality (ICSE) is dedicated to the fight against all forms of inequality, in particular social, economic, environmental and territorial. We are very proud of the strong team that is supporting our efforts: former government leaders, current MEPs and mayors are joined by highly respected academics as well as civil society representatives. This composition reflects the sincerity, diversity and inclusiveness of our initiative. Get to know the people who will help us set the guidelines for a truly Progressive European Society!

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